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It's a little unconventional..

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But a few days ago I sat down with the chair of the Business program at my university to pitch the concept of going to fashion week with Wardrobe Apparel on their buying trip as a credited school experience within the self-directed study program. AKA I could be going to fashion week instead of school!

Last February, I made the tough decision to delay my graduation date by a semester so I could go to Europe. It was a no-brainer, but pausing a degree you're so close to finishing is never an easy decision to make. (I still had a great time in London and Paris!)

So guess what? It was approved! In February, I'll officially be going to fashion week for school and the best part is that it'll be one of the last classes I ever take before graduating with my degree in Business Marketing!

Honestly, I couldn't have done it without such a flexible teacher heading the self-directed studies; Charlene Hill happens to not only be the chair of the business program, but she created the Retail Buying class, so she's going to make a great mentor for the last leg of my degree.

I can't speak to the criteria of other universities, but from what I've learned in this process, if you can create your own learning experience and prove that it ties back to your education and job goals, whether it's a job you already have or something you'd be doing anyway, it's often better and more applicable than anything a school could provide to you (plus, they get to take the credit for your success story).

ps, if you're thinking of doing this for your school - drop me a line if you have questions: 

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