How to Stretch Your Style In-Between Seasons



If you think about it, Fall doesn't really require a big shift in your wardrobe.. it's just your summer clothes + a jacket and boots, so I'm keeping a few things around a little while longer.


So before you hit the panic button are start tearing your closet apart because of course you have nothing to wear, consider a little strategic styling to get you through the new few months.20150924-_MG_122820150924-_MG_1209

A jacket is your best friend. Tie it around your waist on a nicer day, and when the sun starts to dip, you're covered. Literally. Plus, it adds a little edge to a girly look, which I love.

Expiry date: when you're the only one with bare legs.


Sandals are definitely out of the question at this point, but low-cut booties pull a look together like nobodys business and the darker the color, the more in-line with the season you look!

20150924-_MG_1262 20150924-_MG_1239

Tommy Hilfiger jacket | Greta Constantine dress (shop the brand) | WXYZ ring | WXYZ bracelet | Vintage bag | YES boots

Thomas Bullock photography