Stripes x Stripes

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I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube.

Being able to connect with my readers through video and expressing myself through movement is a huge part of who I am if you've ever met me in person, and whereas photos are my most frequented medium, I love putting my headphones in and splicing up a new video from time to time. The ultimate downfall is the length of time it takes to film, so Thomas and I are currently working towards finding a little formula that works for the both of us so we can include a fun little in-motion photoshoot to accompany my posts every once in a while!

Here's my first shot at a 'lookbook' in over a year, and feel free to peruse my old videos.. I assure you they're quite embarrassing.

Old Navy top | Olive & Piper necklace | c/o Style Moi skirt | ADDISON vest | Jeffrey Campbell boots

Thomas Bullock photos