That One Dress


That I added to my closet without hesitation.


I'm not here to preach to you about how I've found the perfect dress, because frankly, that's quite a bold statement; but I've found the perfect dress for me and that's always something worth celebrating.

If you've got a body like mine: little in the waist, with a curve everywhere else, you're probably on a constant mission to make. It. Work. And this is a dress I've added to my closet without hesitation.


Let's start with the fabric. It's snug, smoothing and has a certain weight to it that exudes quality, one of those dresses you'd feel sexy wearing at home with no makeup on.

The shape is something else. A nip at the waist and thick pleats offer a beautiful juxtaposition for all my hourglass ladies out there and believe me when I tell you that twirling in this piece is a dream.

(What's even better is that it's by a Canadian designer, win!)


Sam Edelman earrings | Greta Constantine dress (shop the brand) | WXYZ cuff | Spring heels

Thomas Bullock Photography