The Cliffs of Maui


Based on a true story

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Our first day exploring in Maui, we woke up at 6am to drive out and visit the infamous blowhole. We pictured a barren cliff, beautiful blue skies and most importantly, totally free of tourists. We were wrong on every account; as soon as we arrived, a monsoon began, 3 other vans were already present and the skies were amassed with thick, grey clouds.

15 minutes later, nothing had changed, so we turned around.

If you're ever in Maui, here's a little trick for finding picturesque weather: drive South. 10 minutes back in the direction we came from, we found this beautiful cliff overlooking a black beach with some unreal shades of ocean blue. Oh, the sun came out and there wasn't a single tourist in sight!

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Photos by Thomas Bullock