The Next Hair Chapter


After 7 months of hair rehab, it's time for the next step.

If you remember, 7 months ago I went through a pretty drastic change.

Hair is no joke. It's delicate, unpredictable and totally fussy, so just like you treat a toddler, you have to coddle, nurse and bribe your hair to get it to do what you want.


7 months ago, I started the journey to healthier hair with the help of Kirsten Donald at Heritage Hair Salon, and she armed me with some invaluable advice on how to treat your hair like the royalty it is.

= Reduce the use of heat tools, it breaks down the cuticles of your hair and causes split ends, breakage and the like.

= Minimize the washing. The more you wash, the faster your hair is stripped of the natural oils that protect it. I recommend 1-3x a week.

= Invest. Bleached hair is not a hairstyle for the lazy. Invest in good shampoo, conditioners and hair masks. I highly recommend using Olaplex weekly.

The results? My hair grew enough to almost completely exceed the damaged hair, the breakage evened out and the break from hot tools has made me become more creative with hairstyles.


A few days ago, we took it to the next step: transitioning to blonde.

As we want to keep the integrity of the hair, Kirsten covered my head in foils and only lightened as much as she had to, lifting the purple and setting a base to start building towards the platinum finish I'm going for and in a month, we'll do it again.

What do you think? I set up polls on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter voted for blonde and Facebook loved the idea of a dark green shade.

What are your thoughts?

Thomas Bullock Photography