The Secret to a Perfect Wardrobe

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I'm in the middle of perfecting my wardrobe at the moment, so I'm a tad obsessed with sharing my hacks to a refined, edited closet, no matter your style.

2016-06-15 10.16.37 2016-06-15 09.18.29 2016-06-15 10.43.44 2016-06-15 09.28.09 2016-06-15 09.26.22About every 3 months I go through a major closet crisis. Suddenly, I don't feel like the clothes in my wardrobe 'fit' me and I can't stand to look at them.This little trick always me over the hump at the end, and this time around I'm paring my closet down to a very specific collection of items and this is how it's done:
  1. Pick a theme

Whether it's a phrase, or a few words you want to represent your style, write them down on a sticky note and keep it near your closet so you're reminded every time you get dressed.If you're new to this, get really specific. For example, if you want to be minimal, what does that mean to you? Black and white? Clean lines? Fitted silhouettes? Usually talking or writing it out until it makes sense brings you to a solid aesthetic.My current theme is 'undone sophistication with an edge'

2. Time for the edit

This is my favorite part.While you have your words fresh in your mind, go through your entire closet and for each piece, ask yourself, "does this meet my theme?" If it doesn't, follow this trick. Repeat until you've gone through everything.For a more detailed guide on how to take control of your closet, start here.

Thrifted hat (shop similar) | For Elyse top | Jeane & Jax purse | Trouvé skirt (shop the brand)| Saint Laurent heels (on sale here)

Photos by Thomas Bullock

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