How to Watch the Sunset in Canggu

How to Watch the Sunset in Canggu

If you're looking for a spot to watch the sunset in Canggu, you need to do it at The Lawn!

The sunset is always gorgeous in Indonesia, but the trick is to find a viewing spot where the sun meets the sea so you can watch it until the absolute last second without anything getting in the way.

The location we were at in this post can be a little overwhelming at first, but let me share some tips on how to work the layout to your advantage so you can make the most out of your evening!

On this night, the girls and I went to The Lawn in Canggu (right across the street and down a side street from Old Mans) and we started on the ground floor (aka the lawn area) and ordered cocktails to our table: pillows and blankets surrounding a low table. Being the Instagram girls that we are, those of us who wanted photos walked across the lawn and down the steps right onto the beach to get our content. Afterwards, we returned to our blanket to finish our cocktails and hang out, waiting for the right moment to move upstairs to a table for dinner.

Initially we wanted to camp out on the upper level the entire time for the sunset, but if you're going to be up there you have to order food because it's all tables. If you aren't going to be ordering food, the trick is waiting until the sun is very low, then going up there to take photos. Around that time, everyone stops what they're doing anyways to take photos so you'll blend in and won't be disrupting anyones dinnertime. Otherwise, if you're going to be ordering food, time it so you'll still be eating when the sun is setting. 👌🏼

Those are my tips for making the most of an evening at The Lawn in Canggu, afterwards hit Old Mans for a drink and it eventually turns into a beach party down the street if you stay until closing!

All photos edited with my Bali preset collection for Lightroom, check it out here.