How to Layer Whites Like a Pro

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It's no secret that head to toe whites are the new all-black; and I'm really really loving wearing a hue that's paler than I am (for once).

Although I cheated a little with my pink neck wrap, I'm going to share my top tips for nailing an all-white look like a pro, so let's go.

If you're going to rock the tout-blanc during the day, keep it textured with a variety of layers (I chose denim and lace), shake your hair out and wear a tinted lip, like pink or a metallic nude like I did. If it's a sunny day, add another element to bring it all together, like sharp cat-eye shades.

At night, I'd tone the hair down and opt for less texture in the clothing and layer up with monochrome accessories that do the talking for me. It's all about finding that balance that feels right to you.

ZeroUV shades | Sarah Mulder earrings | H&M overalls | Jeffrey Campbell lace-ups

Thomas Bullock photos