How to Prepare for Fashion Month

The organizational checklist of your dreams

If the fashion industry had their own Olympics, it would be fashion month.

Hotel reservations, booking flights, locking down sponsors, requesting show invites, planning transport and your wardrobe is the tip of the iceberg and is not for the weak-willed, but it is so rewarding to have conquered the Tube, successfully navigated Paris on foot and overall, didn't miss a single show.

The key to #winning at Fashion Week is organization and prepping everything ahead of time, so let's get into it.

Hotel Reservation

Long story short, if you haven't booked it yet - book it now, boo. Last minute reservations face a premium 99% of time, so booking in advance means saving money and stress.Another tip: booking through HomeAway or AirBnb is often not only cheaper, but can get you closer to the area you want to stay in and you can end up in some amazing residential neighborhoods that'll give you a real introduction to whatever city you're staying in.

Flight Reservation

Another industry where you face a premium if you wait, is the flight industry. Apps like Hopper, Jetrader and Kayak will take past analytics to predict prices in the future and advise you on when the best time is to buy; ie, if you wait a week, the price might go down $17 (more for your coffee budget) - isn't science a wonderful thing?

Plan Your Outfits (and ship the rest)

I like to get a rough outline of the pieces I'll be bringing a few weeks before I leave because it gives me time to refine and pair down my selection to only the favourites (I'm a total stress packer and will pack everything if I don't have time to process).Pro tip: create a colour palette, ensure everything goes with everything to multiply the possibilities and bulk up on accessories to transform your looks.Pro pro tip: if you feel like you need to do more shopping, send it to your address abroad! My favorite retailer for this is Farfetch because when you put in your address abroad, it will ship from the closest retailer, saving you even more coffee money.


If you plan on going the sponsorship route, plan a minimum of a month ahead. The best advice I can give, is to plan the stories ahead of time, then find begin your search to finding the brands who are going to be the best fit and most importantly: record everything in a spreadsheet & you better be sending a media kit.(If you want more advice on this - feel free to email me:

Additional Tips

When you know where you'll be staying, plan your routes in advance and more importantly, note the closest cafés and breakfast nooks; to be without fuel is a death sentence during fashion month you do not want to fall victim to. Your time is for running around looking cute, lounging at brunch, hustling your butt off and getting shit done, not for stressing over the fact that you'd trade your Valentino bag for a muffin by 3pm because you didn't pack a snack.


Dynamite jacket | H&M skirt | Dolce Vita booties