The Best Packing Tips for a Europe Trip

The Best Packing Tips for a Europe Trip

Another trip, another arsenal of tips and tricks to test (and share!)

Let's be real, the ultimate goal is to maximize your suitcase space while staying under the weight limit and to find a way to walk off the plane looking impossibly fresh and fabulous. It seems like a scene that only exists in today's RomComs, but it's actually quite attainable and as usual, of course I'm going to share because we're in this crazy dream together.

Maximize suitcase space: contrary to the photo in this blog post where my clothes are folded and layered for visual effect, the real way to make the most out of your space is rolling. I can't explain why, but  it just works.

Staying under the weight limit: Ever tried to weigh your suitcase at home on the scale?

Of course you have. And it's never been terribly easy, or accurate, right? For years I've been waiting patiently for someone to come up with a tech solution and I when I heard that Oprah's favourite suitcase did the trick, you better believe I had to get my hands on it. Meet the Raden; aside from weighing your suitcase via bluetooth, it also tracks your suitcases' location, has a built-in lock system and hosts a battery that holds up to 3x phone charges.

Hallelujah, they're called Oprah's Picks for a reason 🙌🏼

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Walking off the plane without looking as tired as you feel: Totally attainable and it all boils down to in-flight maintenance.
  1. Drink lots of water because the high altitude dries your skin out
  2. Bring a sugar scrub to keep your lips looking soft and to use on any dry spots on your face
  3. Either a sheet mask or a sleeping mask keeps your skin glowy AF
  4. Sleeping mask & ear plugs so whatever sleep you end up getting is worth it
  5. Makeup: I love packing an all-in-one blush stick because it doubles as a lipstick and eyeshadow; and a concealer stick for redness & the undereye
  6. Essential oils: I love my Saje pocket farmacy and bring it with me everywhere, especially on flights. It has oils for stress, headaches, pain and digestion (sometimes I put a few drops on my sleeping mask before I go to sleep and it totally zens me out)
  7. Lastly, the perfect carry-on. I prefer my pink Jeane & Jax weekender because it fits my laptops and has a decent amount of pockets and basically, doesn't look ugly. Plus, it matches my pink suitcase. 'Nuff said.

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