Isn't That a Skirt?


My new philosophy is, "if you can't wear it as intended, create new intention."

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At my fitting with Connally McDougall, one of the pieces she pulled was a plaid skirt. We tried it, and as it happens sometimes, it just didn't work. Before we gave up, I tried it on as a poncho for fun and we loved it so much it became today's look. The best part is that nobody had a clue!

Call me backwards, but I love finding new ways to wear usual pieces. Dresses become tops, brooches become hair accessories. The list is endless. It keeps the intrigue of constantly searching within your own closet alive, and it also helps with resisting the urge to buy something new every time you need some inspiration, which I'm definitely guilty of.

And what's more satisfying than manipulating your closet? Leaning in to whisper, "it's actually a skirt!"

Francis Klein (via The Optical Boutique) sunglasses | Connally McDougall skirt/poncho | Lover + Friends pants | Jessica heels

Photos by Thomas Bullock